Who is behind nico design?

Nico design was founded in 2012 by the head of the company, Nicole Niedermeier and connects ably professional design and marketing skills, that beyond any doubt belong together to successfully develop and establish a new product on the market.

Creative concepts, innovative ideas and new strategies – these are my strengths.

Who is this Nicole?

Born and raised in Bavaria, I love my home…

I was fortunate enough to make my passion my profession. After my design and productmanagement study at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg where I specialized in industrial design, I have diverse occupational experiences in the wide field of design… Here is a short outline of my job activities, of which I do not want to miss a single one!

Start Up – Focus on eCommerce, but everybody helps everyone out.

Agency – Art Director for known customers like Freixenet, Deloitte, Allianz, UniCredit, GS1

Enterprise – UX|UI Design in the range of eCommerce as well as diverse tasks in the field of marketing

Look as usual things with unusual eyes.

— Vico Magistretti

Breathe the world...

In addition I had the opportunity to live out my second passion, which is to travel and got to know many different countries and foreign cultures. Besides journeys to China and the USA I spend a semester abroad in Seoul – South Korea. Inspired by the world, I live my creativity…

Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.

— Leo Burnett